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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Six Sentence Sunday...

Alright, apologies for my absence last week. I was off at a writing retreat and the internet was dodgy. You’d be amazed how much work got done due to that fact. Or perhaps not...

Now to end the will-she-won’t-she going on between our poor long suffering Angus and the capricious Natalie.  I actually left out a few lines but I figured we’d dallied here long enough. Next week I’ll even lay a big smooch on you just to round things off.

Have an awesome Sunday and start of the week! Thanks for dropping by!

“I mean, I want to have sex with you.”
Natalie’s eyes darkened and her mouth opened, but she said nothing for the longest time.
He could have choked on the silence.
Then her soft hands cupped his face, drawing him in. And God, he wanted in. More than he could remember ever wanting anything, he wanted inside of her.



  1. "He could have choked on the silence." I really like that line. I am curious to see what her answer will be.

  2. Great line with the silence choking ... very sexy indeed!
    Great six!

  3. Love this six! I love how she answers him first with actions. Makes me wonder what was going through her mind when she made him wait.

  4. I love his...

    (Ooo, Richard Armitage... yumm-o.

    Sorry, got distracted.)

    ...need and her response. Very sensual!

    1. Yes. I respect him for his mind. Mostly. Thanks, Monica!

  5. Sensual 6 Kylie! Especially loved this lin: "He could have choked on the silence."

  6. This is terrific. Sex, pure and simple. Excellent six.

  7. Ooo, guess that's a yes then. :-P