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Monday, 18 June 2012

Alien Sex... or, a look at Galactic Inferno by Mel Teshco

When a mother-ship load of big burly male Aliens unwittingly unleash a nasty virus upon mankind, accidentally killing off just about everyone apart from a few random human females, there’s only one answer. Repopulate! But there’s more to this tale than Alien sex. (Though rest assured the Alien sex is awful good and hot and well worth the wait.) Ms Teshco nicely shapes an almost empty world for us where survival is the key, but love might just be the answer.

Ally is stumbling around Sydney in shock with her beloved dog Bonnie at her heel. She's doing her best to avoid ‘the eyes in the sky’ looking for survivors just like her. Her memory is patchy due to the virus and the death and destruction surrounding her would be enough to do anyone’s head in. But there are more than just Alien hotties on the hunt. Feral dog packs now roam the streets and these puppies have developed a taste of human flesh. Renate, one of the hated Alien race, rescues our heroine from certain death care of just such a dog. What does the Alien want? (Apart from to Repopulate! that is.) And why does Ally feel such a strong pull towards him? Is it Alien mind tricks or something more?

Galactic Inferno is a fine release from Ellora's Cave, and if you haven't read any of Mel Teshoco's books before then you're in for a real treat. Her heroines are genuine and likeable, everyday women. It’s easy to put yourself in their shoes and walk a while, indulging in the adventure of a life time and a spot of practising repopulation methods. Her heroes, on the otherhand, are all that is hot and good in this world. Or other worlds, as the case may be.  The relationship that evolves between Ally and Renate is swift but heartfelt and very believable. And steamy. Mondo steamy. Because Inter-World relations are important after all. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

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And here's a copy of an awesome interview with her from the other day...

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  1. Thanks so much Kylie,

    glad you enjoyed my book =))

    1. It was great, Mel. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic read, just my kind of book. Will definitely be buying this one, especially since my kindle has arrived in the post today.

    1. Oh, how cool! Lucky you, Suzanne. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed. Do give it a go.

  3. oh no that tbr list just got bigger. ;). Great review