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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lust Plague by Cari Silverwood... or, a look at the fine art of crossing Zombies, Steampunk & BDSM.

Airship Captain Kaysana is about to have a truly crappy day. The Lust Plague, capable of turning people into raping, torturing, murderous Zombies has infected her ship. (I could stop at this point to make all sorts of puns about her going down with the ship but I won’t. I’m attempting to be more grownup like that.) So, anyways, Kaysana is attacked by a slavering hoard hell bent on torturing and eventually murdering her in a kinky-town fashion. Who’s going to rescue her? Because someone has to!

Cue the entrance of our hero, Sten, a Frankenstruct (Isn’t that the coolest word you’ve seen in a long time?). A monolith of a man who has a Hulk like temper he keeps under control via the use of meditation and Zen suchlike systems. Now, Sten is Alpha Dom to the core and a real rough and rugged charmer. I dare you not to adore him. And our Sten has a great, big thing for the usually buttoned down Captain (I’m allowed one pun, surely...). This unlikely duo of elite Airship Captain and sub-human Frankenstruct are going to have to don goggles and team up  together to stop the plague and save the day.

 Now, I have to admire any Author willing to go so crazy cross genre with the Zombie love.  And Ms Silverwood does it with style and then some. The writing is fabulous and the characters spell-binding. Sten the big brute being the perfect example. He has a wonderful sense of humour. Don’t you love a man with wit? A nice dry dash of sarcastic humour to pull everything into perspective? Yes, Sir-ee. I don’t usually read Steampunk. It’s not really my thing. But this book hooked me well and truly. It deserves all sorts of ‘rollicking good romp’ and ‘steamy sexy times’ labels slapped all over it. The world building is intriguing and the BDSM contained within is handled by deft hands indeed. Add to this that Ms Silverwood is a home grown talent and I am one happy camper. 

This has been another review for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012. If you haven't checked out their great site yet then bang on the button to the side. Go on.