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Colonist's Wife

Colonist’s Wife is a short novel from Ellora’s Cave out now.

I like Louise, she’s a tough heroine to leave her planet, settle into an arranged marriage with some guy she doesn’t even know and then tries to make the most of things. Adam is a fun hero, he’s all gruff and has some damage but he’s kind of a softie on the inside and the way he talks to Louise will make romance fans happy. It was a fun read... - Saraha from Wicked L'il Pixie

At just under 90 pages long I can't believe how many details were put into the storyline that Kylie has written. It was like a rollercoaster ride at every page turn something kept me on track. Whether it be the humour, the loving, the romance, or the suspense this book wasn't short of any. - Katrina from Page Flipperz

One of my favorite writing aspects of Kylie is her humor. She always has snarky sarcastic humor is all her novels. Her females are strong and soft. Her males are Alpha and understanding. In my opinion, and this is my blog so you are gonna hear it, she writes the perfect characters. - Angie from Twinsie Talk Book Reviews

Kylie really does have a talent for writing clever conversation and smouldering sexual attraction; I can attest to snorting with laughter as these two snipe and lust after each other, and did I mention it's hot? Oh yeah, it's HOT!! - Cath from Book Chatter Cath

It’s the year 2088 and the first off world colonies have been settled as part of the ongoing search for mineral resources. Having testified in a gangland murder trial, nowhere on Earth is safe for Louise. Witness Protection has organized a new identity and a marriage contract for her on the mining colony of Esther, one of the moons circling Jupiter. The man who meets her there, however, is not the groom she expected. 

Adam Elliot, her replacement husband, is neither sweet nor sincere. The man looks and smells like he was recently hosed off a barroom floor. But marriage to a despot in the depths of space still beats being tortured to death back on Earth.

An earlier accident in the mine claimed the lives of two men, one of them Louise’s original husband. It also catapulted Adam to the status of hero and shot him to the top of the waiting list of prospective grooms. A veteran of the Continental War fifteen years back, Adam is ready to settle down. Just not with his new wife. The last thing he needs is a princess with an attitude. So he might have had a few drinks too many. Wasn’t that what a buck’s party’s for?

Wives went last. 

The ship shuddered and groaned again beneath her feet like some big metal beast shaking itself off. Louise stood to the side of the cargo bay doors and let all the important company people disembark first down the gangway. No one even gave her a second look. People strode alongside the small transports that rolled out, raising plumes of gray dust when they hit the surface. The whole thing unfolded with military precision until finally only she remained.

It was time to meet her husband. 

She could do this. She could. But gods, it was cold. A bitter wind blew in, whipping up her jacket and scalding her cheeks. Grit stung her eyes. Outside was not inviting. After three months of being shut up onboard it should have been, but no—not even remotely. Her feet sat flat and firm against the metal decking, immobile. Maybe her marrow had frozen. She wiggled her toes inside her boots, scrunched and curled them. They still worked. It had to be her head at fault. Months of burgeoning excitement had given way to nerves. 

Louise straightened her spine and stared out into the grayness. No more delaying—time to go. She had to physically make her bones unlock and will her muscles to move, one small step at a time. Her husband would be waiting. 

Louise, not Jo, marched herself down the shuttle’s gangway. Jo no longer existed. She was Louise Foster, wife of Gideon, and she could do this. 

Carefully, she stepped down onto the moon’s surface, knees liquid and nerves shot. Gravel slid beneath her feet and she pitched forward, all balance gone. The ground flew up to meet her in a dizzying rush. Just as suddenly, it jolted to a bone-jarring stop. Shit. A strong hand grasped her elbow and a steady grip hauled her upright. 

“Careful,” a man said, and released her. 

“Thank you.” Louise took a deep breath and reined in the palpitations, waited for her head to stop spinning. What a perfect first impression. Embarrassment rolled right through her, heating her despite the chill. 

“You all right?” 

“Yes.” Louise forced a smile and took her first good look at her savior. “I’m…” 

Oh no. No. They’d said Gideon would meet her but this was not the man she’d married. It couldn’t be. The man in the pictures the marriage coordinator had sent herhad dimples and a lopsided grin. He’d seemed sweet and non-threatening. But this guy…he was tall and lean with bloodshot eyes a demon would envy. He had a three-day growth of stubble and a head of short, dark hair beyond disarray. On one side of his head it stuck out in clumps as if he had fallen asleep in something liquid and evil. Someone might have recently hosed him off a barroom floor, because gods, the smell of him. She had no words. 

Something was very wrong here.


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