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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Six Sentence Sunday... smoochin goodness.

     Happy Sunday and welcome to the last snippet between Natalie and Angus. Next weekend we might kick off with something new. You see there’s this other poor girl who’s been busy trying to survive the zombie apocalypse and she’s in a world of trouble. We might catch up with her and see if we can’t fandangle a happy ever after somehow.

  But for now… the kiss. Have a great week!

     Coherent thought sailed straight out the window. He smashed his lips to hers. Shoved his tongue into her mouth. There was nothing smooth or controlled about it. Natalie made a noise beneath him and it might have been laughter but he was too busy to care. Too taken up with kissing her, deep and wet.


  1. Very nice. When can we have a full read????

    1. Thank you! This short story is being submitted this week so if it's accepted release should be later this year. Cheers, Kylie

  2. Hot six, lol! I'd say he's too busy to care. What a steamy kiss.

  3. Oh I do love a good "fandangle" - LOL Looking forward to next week. I may have recovered from this week's kiss by then. Hot stuff! Best of luck with the submission process. Looking forward to reading this one in its entirety.

  4. That boy *means* it! She may be laughing now, but I don't think that's gonna last. ;)

  5. He's certainly putting his all into that kiss. Hope she's appreciating it!

  6. Oh that's good! And I really like that she's laughing too.

  7. Yowza, nice description. Not sure I'd be happy with someone laughing while I was kissing them but hey... that's just me :-)