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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Six Sentence Sunday...

     Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday. This week we're starting on something new, another girl gadding about Post-Zombie-Apocalypse because that's how I roll. She was just doing a little re-stocking of supplies in a Chemist when a big brawny non-zombie stranger  appeared. And aren’t those the best kind of strangers? Yes indeed. Will they become fast friends or will they shoot each other? We shall see…

     The man cleared his throat and her rifle jumped in her hands. He wasn’t small, the action was warranted.
     “I have no intention of hurting you,” he said. “But I have no intention of getting shot either. I’m not putting down the gun until you do.”
     “Seems what we have here is a failure to communicate.”


  1. I love a stand off! Fantastic six, I'm hooked for more.

  2. Nice and tense. Love how calm he sounds.

  3. Communication looks fine to me - what they need is to compromise. :) Lovely tense six with a tinge of humour

  4. What fun humor! Is this part western? Snappy dialogue!!

  5. Failure to communicate and a gun! Tense! nice standoff :)

  6. Somehow I missed this one last week... sorry about that. I love that line from Cool Hand Luke - though it now always reminds of the guns n roses song more than the movie. Great Six.