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Monday, 1 July 2013

A Cheat Sheet for LICK.

I usually do a Cheat Sheet for my new releases. Apologies for running late with LICK, my NA contemporary rock star book. I've been having a few formatting etc issues with the blog, as you can see by some of the crazy font size crap going on below. Anyway, here's a quickie cheat sheet for you to take the edge off. Hope you like it. (WARNING: Some mild spoilering and lady bird porn included.)

Once upon a time, a girl named Evelyn went to Vegas to celebrate her 21st birthday and wound up having ALL the drinks. And I do mean, ALL of them. Now Vegas is a pretty big town. So it's not really surprising what happened next.
Yes, she woke up in the morning in a bit of a mess. (No way was her hair that nice, either. That is complete bullshit.) And also...
An amazingly hot guy was sitting with her on the bathroom floor. Now, that was pretty damn surprising. But what really freaked her out was the...

Huge diamond ring on her finger. They'd gotten married last night. Surprise! I know right? She was less than happy. The girl had plans. So they quickly decided upon divorce or annulment or whatever it was people did in that situation. Then they went their separate ways. But when she got back home...
There were paparazzi everywhere! What the heck? You see, it turned out that she had married...
A Rock Star! OMG did you see that coming? I totally didn't. Anyhoo, her life was shot to shit by her sudden fame and her parents were less than impressed. David the rockstar invited her to his place in L.A. while they dealt with the divorce and all. Needing to get away from both her parents and the reporters (and other assorted weirdos now camped outside her house), she went.
Due to the crazy party scene in L.A. and various people’s delicate little feelings getting hurt, there was then a fight scene or two.
But then Ev and David left L.A. and got to know each other. They talked and stuff. Soon, they found that they felt quite differently toward each other than they had previously.
Seriously differently feelings. (Can you believe this full on ladybird action? The things they're probably up to out in your very own garden right now!)
But then a tentacle wielding sea monster came between David and Evelyn ... or it was an ex type monster. I don't mind, you choose. So she manipulated shit and things happened. But there's wasn't any cheating. Don't worry. I'm not down with that.
And David had to learn the fine, timeless art of the grovel in order to get her back. Don't you love it when guys have to do that? I do.
Anyway, more stuff happened and then there was a Happy Ever After. NOT a cliffy. And that's roughly the idea behind the book done in pretty pictures. I know, not much of the story there really. But you know what? The book only costs about $4. Go buy it. xx


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