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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Vague excuses and holiday snaps...

Okay, I'm sorry I haven't updated for a week but I've been on holidays at the beach because it's beachin' time in Australia. Long hot days and all that. I promise I'll be back and with the program come Sunday. But till then here are some of my happy snaps so we can feel all close and shit.

There's also been some good news, looks like another novella will be out in the early part of this year. It's my contemporary romance/humour story so I can't wait to see what y'all think of it. In the meantime, go have a drink and think warm thoughts if you're currently in a winter wonderland. Was your Christmas merry and your New Years all it should be? Share with me in the comments. Tell me what Santa brought you and who threw up on the cat after one too many games of lick, sip, suck. Go on.

The view.

Fun filled holiday entertainment for the whole family excluding the children.

The beer is starting to run low so clearly holiday is almost over. Also, no food.

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  1. who threw up on the cat

    WTF? Kylie, did you throw up on your cat???