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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Six Sentence Sunday...

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday. Our Mexican Stand-off in Post-Zombie-Apocalypse land continues between our heroine and the tall dark and handsome Englishman. To re-cap, she just asked for his name and he expressed his incredulity that they were going to play ‘get to know you’ whilst pointing guns at each other... like dating was meant to be easy.

Not long now till they have to band together for the greater good but not quite yet. Have a great Sunday and enjoy. Thank you kindly as always for any comments.

     It was a kill or be killed world these days and pretty or no, she’d shoot him if she had to. “Figure we have time since neither of us is willing to give in.”
     “True,” he said.  
     His gaze slid up her rifle and onto her, lingering on the circlet of flying blackbirds tattooed around her wrist before moving on. Good thing she’d worn her baggy jacket. There was no need to be giving him any ideas when her stupid body had schemes aplenty, heating further beneath his perusal in a wholly pleasant manner this time.


  1. I love her physical reaction to him, and the war she's beginning to wage within. Her arms and will are gonna give out if this keeps going.

  2. Love the last line :-) I didn't realize he was an Englishman-must have missed a few Sundays. Great 6!

  3. Love this whole setup...the zombies, the guns, the reluctant attraction. Can't wait to see where it goes.