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Friday, 20 July 2012

A look at Ruthie Knox... Ride With Me & About Last Night

So we haven’t done a book review for a little while and Romance Books being a particular passion I figure it’s time for us to dive back in. Today we’re going to look at Ruthie Knox who has two books out and why I happen to think she’s so wonderful. She writes sexy contemporary with a dash of humour for Random House/Loveswept.

First up we have ‘Ride With Me’ which takes us on a journey all the way across the US on two wheels. Lexie Marshall has long dreamt of tackling the TransAmerica Trail but a woman riding on her own isn’t such a great idea safety wise. She places an ad for a cycling buddy and winds up with Tom Geiger. A sexy as all hell loner with an attitude like you wouldn’t believe. Tom doesn’t want to ride with nobody but his sister has set him up and now he’s honor bound to stick with Lexie until he can find her a replacement. And so we begin.
I heard about this book on another blog (sorry, I can’t remember where) discussing amongst other things masturbation and the prevailing attitudes of the shame attached to said act. This book stood out as an example where a woman took her desire for pleasure into her own two hands with no bad aftertaste. Lexie might be a tad embarrassed Tom heard her happy alone time but she’s not suffering any lingering guilt over having done it. Go girl! That was sufficient to get me interested and what I found was a great story. Lexie is a strong character. She’s a fundamentally happy person who likes to play by the rules but in no way does she aggravate. And she’s the perfect spoil to bounce off broody loner Tom with his muscles and his t-shirts and his old cargo pants. You’re going to fall in love with Tom, guaranteed. Hot and broody with morals is full of win.  Please note, I’m not particularly interested in cycling but that didn’t slow me down in the least. I even learnt a little. Ms Knox has a fantastic writing style. She is fun and easy to read but there’s depth to her stories too. Her characters are layered creatures and you could well imagine knowing them as friends. There’s a certain charm to them you can’t help but appreciate.

On to the second book, ‘About Last Night’. Cath Talarico turned her life around two years back, no more bad girl stunts for her. So waking up hung-over in Nev Chamberlain’s bed does not make her happy. The guy is rich and uptight and worlds of wrong for an edgy, tattooed freshly-reformed troublemaker.  But Nev has an artistic side waiting to break loose. He’s more than just another banker in a sharp black suit. And he wants Cath. Bad. Bless him. What was great about this story apart from smoking hot sex was the emotion. Ms Knox has written a fantastic tale of opposites attract and of lost souls finding their way. I read this book in one sitting cause I just had to know what happened. Writerly wise, if you want to get down into the nitty gritty of knowing how to inject intensity into your sex scenes then definitely pick this one up. It’s perfect. The emotion... read it and you'll see what I mean. But if you’re just after a tangled but satisfying love story with steam, then pick it up too. Go on. They’re great stories and they also happen to be very reasonably priced. You won’t regret it. Here’s the link to Ruthie Knox’s site right here and now…

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