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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Six Sentence Sunday...

Welcome one and all. A quick point of interest up front, some friends and I have started a Romance Writers of the Apocalypse Blog. You can find it here... If you’d like to join us posting about Post-Apoc books, fitness, survival and anything else regarding the downfall of civilisation that takes our fancy, please let me know. The more the merrier.

 This morning the possible Post-Zombie-Apocalypse romance continues as our hero and heroine face each other down the length of their guns. Troubled times indeed. I'm trying to be strict and stick to the story here serving you up the next six lines, no excuses. Which makes this week a quickie.

To recap, our heroine just commented to the tall dark mysterious stranger that Mexican Stand-Off’s don't tend to end well in movies...

“No,” he agreed in a deep voice with a hint of an accent.
“Nice.” Oh, how she loved a man with an accent, pity about the gun. “So… what’s your name?”


  1. Love the "pity about the gun" :-) Very well done.

  2. Oh, Kylie! You made me laugh again. I love your heroine. And the hero! I so want to read this book in it's entirety! Good luck on the new blog. Oh, and FYI? You do dialogue extremely well.

  3. Ooh ooh, I want to know more about the gun! Both of them.

  4. Love simplicity of the dialogue here, especially his non-committal "Mm." Now all we need is a third party to force these two into cahoots! :D

  5. LOL! Love the humor in this, especially this line: "Oh, how she loved a man with an accent, pity about the gun"

  6. This is hilarious. I mean, they're having this stand-off with guns and asking about accents. OMG! She's stalling though. LOL.