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Monday, 23 July 2012

A look at Three Wishes by Jenny Schwartz...

Cali is one of the fabled djinni with funky glass bottle and all. Remove the stopper and three wishes are yours. But watch out because the girl is not happy, hence her nickname ‘the Bringer of Death’. She likes nothing better than to watch greedy men folk be squashed by their own evil and avarice. Andrew is a guardian angel out to save Cali’s latest master, arms dealer David Saqr. When the two face off sparks fly. Cali trusts no one and Andrew has long since shutdown his heart. Cali wants to kill David and Andrew is committed to saving him. Who will win?

Three Wishes is a lovely fun tale told by Australian Romance Writer Jenny Schwartz. It’s a dream weaving experience with a healthy pinch of heat. Ms Schwartz has a grand way with words and the story is easy to lose yourself in. The hero is big and strong and sexy, and the heroine is sweet beneath her brittle exterior. They’ve both been knocking around for a long time and have that jaded side to them, which only makes their fall into love all the more exciting. What's nice is how Andrew’s desire to save Cali and show her that hope exists brings about a turning point in his own life, waking him up to the potential of his existence when love is at stake. And Cali’s latest master, David the arms dealer, has some nicely hidden layers making the possibility of his redemption believable. But will he or won’t he? You’ll have to read it to find out. Did I mention there’s also some nice world building included with Cali and her bottle? Three Wishes is a great fun love story and you can buy it here…

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