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Monday, 1 October 2012

Pimpage... Post Two

Today the Apocalypse Doom Without the Gloom Give Away starts over at Romance Writers of the Apocalypse. We're celebrating Zombie Apocalypse Lists and giving away copies of 'Revelation' by Erica Hayes and my own 'Flesh' to some lucky commentators. Please note, you need to comment on this post and the one Ms Hayes pops up on Wednesday to be in for the win.

And I'm also fighting the good fight over on the Momentum Blog defending my heroine against accusations of porny greed from the dreaded Anne Treasure (@annetreasure if you'd like to follow her on twitter which I highly advise you do). A threesome following the apocalypse is going to be a thing. Just you wait and see! 

There's also an interview and Give Away over at the lovely Page Flipperz! With bonus Richard Armitage pictures. F*ck I love him. Words cannot express.

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