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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Six Sentence Sunday...

Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday the 1st of October. This date is of vital importance for two reasons.
  1. Christmas is getting scarily close. Again. WTF are you going to buy your Mother this year to prove your eternal love to her?
  2. FLESH is released with all the smutty gritty true love (with zombie chaos and carnage on the side) that you could long for. Your Mother is probably desperate for a copy and too shy to say so. For only $2.99 are you really going to risk it? Think about it.

So, enough of this and on with the show. This week I thought we’d give our other hero a go in the spotlight. Finn is watching Daniel and Ali from afar without their knowledge (stalking). Please note, there's a language warning on today's excerpt.  

Un-fucking-believable, they were arguing again.
     Finn lay flat atop a cargo truck and watched through the scope of his rifle, rapt, as half a kilometer ahead the pair had it out in the middle of a four-lane highway.
     These people defied logic.
     They were an hour out of the city, with nothing but deserted cars scattered about and bush land on either side. No movement as far as the eye could see, and Finn was making sure he could see far and well. Those two made quite the target, hashing out their issues beneath the glaringly white, hot summer sky.


  1. This is a fantastic snippet, Kylie! Your SSS posts always deliver. Will purchase your book this week. :-) Making a note, now. :-)

  2. Question: can I buy this and dowload to PDF? I still haven't set my ereader up.

    1. Checking on it for you, Bec. Looks like only kindle or iTunes at this stage, sorry. I just downloaded kindle for PC the other day (was the only way I could get my hands on a book), since I don't own a kindle. It was fast and pretty straight forward, if that interests you at all? Apologies.

  3. Tomorrow? Yay! Congratulations on the new release!!!

  4. This is my first time participating in 6SS, and I really liked this. I want to know more, particularly as it seems that I've come in right in the middle of the story!

  5. Great snippet. You really do Finn's internalization very, very well, and tell us a lot about your characters. Adding the pic is a nice touch :-)

  6. Wonder what they're arguing about, loved the description, I'm enjoying Finn...just an excellent excerpt!

  7. Man, I love the internalization. I could see the couple through his scope, too. (And, I already pre-ordered. :D)

    FYI you are a friggin' marketing genius! Not only should will I buy a copy of Flesh for Mommy Dearest, but for Granny, too!

  8. I have no mother to buy Christmas for but I shall remind my own spawn that *her* mother would like this book! LOL

    Thanks for sharing Finn's POV. I think I'm going to like him. A lot! Terrific six, Kylie.

  9. Oh, Finn is looking through his rifle? Loved where this excerpt is heading!