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Monday, 23 April 2012

Show me the Rake... or, my review of Heiress in Love by Christina Brooke

No, there is nothing even mildly apocalyptic about this book. Sorry. But never mind that... If you enjoy reading the odd Historical Romance with a healthy heat level then this book is for you.

Lady Jane Roxdale’s very crummy husband has just departed the world of the living leaving her a wealthy woman. Unfortunately, Constantine Black, dead hubby’s cousin and a dreadfully sexy rake to boot, has inherited the land and title along with a nasty debt about to come due. Marrying the prim widow Jane is the obvious answer, but nothing is ever easy in romance land. If it were, we wouldn’t have much of a story on our hands now then, would we?

Heiress in Love has a cast of thoroughly likeable characters. I love a series, there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing many of those engaging secondary characters hovering on the fringes are going to find their HEA sometime soon. I like that Jane and Constantine have layers, issues granting them real reasons to fight their growing attraction. The boudoir scenes are sensual and jam packed full of meaning for the two. There’s a generous dose of wit and a dash of adventure when Jane finally steps up to save the day. I love a Self-Rescuing Princess (not that she’s royalty but you get what I mean).

Book two in the series, Mad about the Earl, was released back in January so you may dive in knowing full and well you already have access to the continuing story. This, my friends, is ace.

You can find further details about Christina and her books here...

Heiress in Love has been my second review as part of Australian Women Writers 2012 Challenge.  The Challenge being to read and review Australian Women Writers during the year of 2012. Get behind it now, you'll not only feel shiny happy but your mind will be enriched no end.

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