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Monday, 30 April 2012

The Governess Strikes Back... or, my review of Midnights Wild Passion by Anna Campbell.

 Antonia has been hiding out in the guise of a dour governess since being done wrong by a Rake some years back. Now, for those that don’t normally read Historical Romance (Shame on you, there’s some awesome Australian Historical Romance writers! Hide your face!) a ‘Rake’, in this context, has nothing to do with the backyard and everything to do with dashing and deadly. Mad, bad and dangerous to know. And hot. Really, really hot. It’s like, part of the rules of ‘Rakedom’ to be a sexy, smouldering beast of a man. At least if you’re our hero. And our hero is...

The Marquess of Ranelaw, and he’s out for revenge against the sod who ruined his sister.  All being fair in love and war, he sets out to ruin the sods daughter in turn. One impediment - Antonia - the glowering governess of the young lady whose downfall he seeks. And so we begin.

What is Antonia hiding? Why is she hiding it? And how can Ranelaw get all up in it? These are the questions of the day. The pages are afire with Antonia and Ranelaw’s smokin’ hot sexual attraction. Madame Campbell being my reigning Queen of Deep Point of View means the emotional and physical are beautifully balanced and the descriptions evocative. Add a dash of adventure and I’m a happy camper.

I haven’t ruled out trying to convince Madame Campbell to have the undead make a brief appearance in one of her tomes, but so far she is proving resistant. More wine will need to be applied to reach a favourable solution. Wish me luck.

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  1. Zombies? ... Anna's heroines wouldn't stand for such lumbering, smelly intruders! :)

    Great review

    1. Oh, Jenny, that's so true! Anna will titter at me madly for suggesting such!