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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How arguing with my husband and staring at half-naked men is all part of the *process*...

Research is a funny thing, isn’t it? I spend hours scrutinizing Sexiest Males of 2012 type lists because selecting exactly the right physical match up for a hero is an integral part of the writing process. Absolutely. Positively. Cannot do without it.

But my husband says I’m being lecherous. Lecherous? Me?

We verbally spar over it (good-naturedly of course...) and all the while some part of my brain is clicking over thinking... Hmm, the way he just wiggled his finger beneath my nose to over exaggerate his verbose point about my leering at that models abs, I can use that in scene XYZ! Yes!

The Writer never turns off. I’m not driving, I’m plotting. And I can’t wait to use that excuse on an Insurance Claim Form when I accidentally trim a guard rail one day.

Every part of your life is subject to the scrutiny of your inner writer. People watching becomes a must-do activity. Body language is fascinating stuff. Let alone what’s betrayed by a particular tone of voice... I knew my husband had a thing for Alicia Silverstone by the faux incredulous tone as he tried to deny it. Pathetic really.

Bear witness to all of the little day to day interactions people have with those they love and those that are on the outer circles relationship wise. Use this information. From the not quite there honey that works at the cafe where you have lunch to the way your Grandma used to tut over your tats... All of this is gold when it comes to bringing your characters to life.

Watch the world around you. Carry a notebook with you. Use it.

Now, here’s a picture of Alicia Silverstone for my long-suffering husband. Oops, couldn’t find one. So here’s Ryan Kwanten, a national treasure...  

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