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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Myths of Romance...

When I decided to get serious about writing a while back, I did not read romance. I certainly did not write romance. Chicks flouncing about with big hair and bigger dresses, waiting on someone to rescue them, did not interest me. Nor did Fabio. I did, however, want to have a romantic relationship central to my storyline. And I demanded a happy ending. Call me an emotional coward Robert McKee, I don’t care. I want my damn happy ending. I make no apologies.

In the interests of getting a clue as to what I was about, I attended workshops. The first was a writing sex scenes workshop with the wonderful Louise Cusack and run by the QWC. It was Louise who encouraged me to join Romance Writers of Australia. I also met my now bestie writing buddy, Babette, who was likewise a member of RWA. Various romance books were discussed. I thought, what the heck... I’ll give one a go.

I’d read a few Anita Blake books by Laurell K Hamilton but I didn’t classify that as romance. Not really. The first romance I read was ‘Ice Blue’ by Anne Stuart. If you haven’t read the book, then you should. Anne Stuart writes stories that are tense, dark, fast-paced and fascinating.  Next I read a Lauren Dane, one of the Chase Brothers series, followed by Denise Rossetti’s ‘Gift of the Goddess’. I discovered Loose Id, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain and my VISA bill was never the same.

Historical? No, I don’t like historical romance. Only contemporary or paranormal thanks. Except then I met Anna Campbell at something and she was so darn nice I figured I’d give ‘Claiming the Courtesan’ a go. I sat up till two in the morning, unable to put it down.

The point here, if there is a point, is not to base your opinions on some misguided notions of the way things were way back when. The 80’s are long gone, baby. Romance spans a wide array of styles and subjects. Romance outsells every other type of book out there, in digital or print. There’s a reason for that. Life is about relationships. Hope never goes out of fashion. All you need is love... Sorry. I’ve gone too far. But you get the point.  Open your mind.  Pick up a book. 

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