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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Why my Dad will not be reading my book in this life time, over my dead body...

Crit Partners are invaluable. I believe I’ve mentioned that before. Reason number 256 being so there is someone your Father feels comfortable asking “Will I be able to read this book?”

Reason number 257 is when your Crit Partner looks your dear sweet Da straight in the eye and says “No. Absolutely Not. You must never, ever attempt to do that.”

Which leads us to our topic in a roundabout manner... Authenticity and Passion.

If you’re not writing what you love it shows. A friend was concerned about adding heat to her MS because she wanted to be able to show it to her Mum.  The answer there is to have an alternative version for Mum, not to alter what you are writing. Look to what you read for a guide. You wouldn’t spend hours befriending those books if they didn’t speak to you.

But be authentic.

If you’re not comfortable writing about how Bruce tied up Wendy and a fun time was had by all, then don’t go there. I’ve also read where one Author who specifically wanted to use certain language practiced same in front of the mirror, over and over.You can always give that a go.

But back to the parental concern. Here’s the thing about writing fiction, in a very real way you are hanging your day-dreams out to dry. Some people will not be kind. Other situations will be downright awkward. I am concerned about what friends are going to think when they finally get to read this book of mine. Toes crossed it’s someday soon. I’m concerned, but I didn’t let it sway me from the story I wanted to tell. The one I was passionate about. (And that story got rather smutty in places. Naughty characters. I’m heartily ashamed of the way they carry on sometimes.)

I know I’ve jumped around a bit but I hope the point was made. Authentic. Passionate.

I offered my Dad an amended copy, certain pages stapled and other sections blacked out. He asked if there would be anything left. Should be. I mean sure, Dad... There’s bound to be a bit. Probably.


  1. I've just read your blog for the first time (slack I know) and quite frankly you are awesome. I mean I obviously knew you were awesome already but I have just realised you are on a much higher level of clever, witty and funny awesomeness. (p.s. not to worry, i'm pretty sure I've already got a good idea of what you daydream about...)

    1. Hey Mish, you really do want me to name that character after you, don't you? You big charmer. Glad you liked it. And you have no idea what I daydream about, leeettle gurrl...