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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

When the truth just isn’t out there...

Following a great TV show is one of the simpler joys of life. But it can also be a heartbreaker. Take ‘X-Files’ for example. Those early days of Mulder and Scully positively simmered with possibility. It was exciting, ground breaking stuff. Crazy, wild, eccentric but intelligent plot lines that kept you on the edge of your seat. Oh, the drama and the suspense and the ever present sexual tension brewing beneath the surface. It was heady stuff.

Then things went iffy... A bit wrong somehow... Eventually, we had to face the fact that the truth just wasn’t out there. Or it wasn’t worth finding out about.

‘Lost’ sadly also seemed to go down this track. A stack of ingenious ideas, but tying them altogether into some plausible, satisfying ending... Tricky. 

And now there’s ‘Alcatraz’. If you haven’t caught it yet then you’re missing out on some solid entertainment. It’s suspense and drama with that touch of ‘what the??’ that hooks you and gets your imagination going. It’s a little different. But with different comes that risk. Is there an end game that’s going to make it all worthwhile? Or will it dwindle away to naught? Worse yet, will it go the way of ‘Carnivale’ and just disappear into the ether mid-sentence, the truth of it, good or bad, never to be revealed?

Come and share with me in this warm, supportive environment where no one shall be judged... Which TV shows broke your heart and why? 


  1. Firefly. No explanation required.

    1. Lordy, yes. I wish they'd give us another movie at least. Brown coats unite!