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Friday, 2 March 2012

For Friday I give you my current favourite Cocktail Recipe accompanied by an Excerpt from one of my favourite scenes...

1.  Get a nice tall glass and half fill it with ice.
2. Chuck in a quarter of a lime. No, it's not too much. Limes are awesome and taste great.
3. Fill a 1/3 of the glass with Silver Tequila. Try Australian brand "Chappas" for some cheap but surprisingly delicious thrills. Otherwise, try "Peron" if you're feeling flushed with cash.
4. Top up the glass with 1/3 Guava Juice and 1/3 Soda Water.
5. Stir. Drink. Repeat. 

“Relax.” He lifted one of her hands off the butt of the pistol, checked the safety was on, then released the clip and set it aside. Tasks he could do in his sleep, perfect for keeping his mind occupied no matter how good she smelt. Because he couldn’t stop breathing her in. But it was all about sex, or the lack thereof, not her in particular. An important fact to remember. “Okay, keep both hands on the gun. Grip it like you’re holding a bird. Firmly enough that it’s not going to get away from you, loose enough you’re not going to hurt it.”
“Alright.” The frown line above her nose deepened and her slender fingers re-aligned beneath his. “Like this?”
“That’s good.” Finn held his hands up, made the peace sign then stuck a finger in the middle. “This is what you’re after, line up your front sight centre between the two at the back. Raise the nuzzle. You’re pointing low.”
Al adjusted her aim.
Finn adjusted a piece of her hair tickling his nose, tucking it stealthily behind her ear. Resisted the urge to rub it between his fingers, to feel it and sniff it. Yet his fingers lingered. He breathed in deep. Again. Finding words got hard. “Good, good. Don’t forget to breathe.”
She nodded, her face the picture of concentration.
“Pull the trigger nice and slow. Squeeze it. The gun,” he said, more for his benefit than hers.

 Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed the Excerpt...

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