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Friday, 1 March 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors... The Colonist's Wife.

Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors. I'm off at the Australian Romance Readers Convention this weekend drinking all the booze and having a blast. Hence my post is up early while my comments will be late. 

Following straight on from last week, today’s eight sentences are from my 15th of March Ellora’s Cave release, The Colonist’sWife. The story is set in the year 2088 in a mining colony on the moon Esther, circling Jupiter. It’s my witness protection/mail-order bride/set in outer space story. Hope you like it.

      A bitter wind blew in, whipping up her jacket and scalding her cheeks. Grit stung her eyes. Outside was not inviting. After three months of being shut up onboard it should have been, but no—not even remotely. Her feet sat flat and firm against the metal decking, immobile. Maybe her marrow had frozen. She wiggled her toes inside her boots, scrunched and curled them. They still worked.


  1. Not a great welcome to her new home. Good excerpt.

  2. What a great way to describe her anxiety. Very nice!

    Enjoy your conference! :-)

  3. I had to smile at the way she's thinking through her anxiety and stalling...excellent excerpt!

  4. I hope the weather isn't always like that. Poor girl.