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Monday, 4 March 2013

A look at Ann B. Harrison's "Red Hot".

Ann B. Harrison has stopped by today to tell us about her ARRA nominated erotic romance Red Hot. I had the pleasure of meeting Ann in person over the weekend at the Australian Romance Readers Convention and she is a singular delight. And naughty. Really naughty. So go read her book...


I got a lovely review today and what really jumped out at me was the comment about my hero.

'I was so glad to see an author go with the non-traditional type of man; slightly nerdy and lacking self confidence. Red brings out the protective side to women and makes us want to prove to him that he is as sexy as any other man; maybe even more. I fell completely in love with Red.'

I knew I was taking a risk writing my hero as nerdy and uncomfortable around women, especially hot women. But from the moment Red started tapping inside my brain I loved him. He is kind, sensitive, hardworking and yes, nerdy. But he is hot, sexy hot. The kind of hot that gets your toes curling just by looking at him. Okay, breathe Ann, just breath.

I was so pleased that I wasn't the only person to fall in love with someone different. But that's just the way I look at life. You see, we aren't all rich, good looking or in high powered professions. Just every once in a while you want to see somebody that is just like us fall in love. I know romance is all about escaping reality but here's the thing. 

When do you stop drooling over a multi-millionaire that you know you will never ever meet and get hit between the eyes by the type of guy that lives across the road. It was brave of me to steer away from the super rich dude that can buy or sell your fathers sisters corporation at the flick of a wrist.

But I'm a country girl, living in a small desert town and I love my hero's just a little bit different.

I hope you enjoy Red's story as much as I do.

An erotic contemporary romance with paranormal elements. Total honesty or hot sex. Will their love survive both?

To ward off his sexual frustration, Red Douglas rides his motorbike up the coastal highway pushing the limits of speed and endurance. When he crashes at the front door of local witch, Rhian Gallagher, she takes it as a sign the Fates have listened to her plea to end the man drought in her life. Determined to take the shy scientist under her wing and into her bed as soon as possible, Rhian patches him up after his accident.

Will the explosive sex between them be enough to convince Red his scientific view of the world can be reconciled with Rhian’s witchcraft?

Pick up your copy of Red Hot here.

You can learn more about Ann and her books here. Follow her on facebook or twitter.

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