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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A look at Chains of Revenge by Keziah Hill and Her Best Worst Mistake by Sarah Mayberry

First up, Chains of Revenge... Lissa is the sexy spoilt Princess of Horvald where people have a tendency to indulge all sorts of appetites. Having turned eighteen she chooses one of the brawny battle slaves to be her first lover. But the key word here is ‘slave’.  Devadas is a Prince of Catiscal, captured in battle and forced to become bait for the warriors of Horvald in the training ring. Servicing the Princess is a welcome respite from the constant bloodshed but being treated like her pet poodle is not on. Can you see where this is going? Cool, huh? But the true story starts ten years later when the pair are reunited, both having grown and changed over the course of time. Lissa is no longer an over.- indulged little sexpot and Devadas has become a mighty fearful Warlord. With a grudge. And guess who’s going to cop a spanking...

Ms Hill weaves all sorts of excellent erotic happenings into the story with deft fingers and she manages it without losing any of the emotional connection growing between our unlikely couple. Lissa’s evolution into a mature responsible woman is completely believable. Equally, Devadas’ turn to the darkside (perhaps!) is totally understandable given the conditions he was kept in during his time as a slave. Well, with the exception of the rockin’ kinky sex. But it was the degradation! Anyway, read it and you’ll see. It’s a great story.

“Pull a Mayberry” (pr. pool a may-bear-ree). Verb. Defn: to simultaneously bare one’s breasts and poke out one’s tongue. An offensive act expressing extreme derision and contempt. A useful method for searing the image of one’s assets into the memory of one’s hero.

Her Best Worst Mistake is a follow-up to one of Ms Mayberry’s earlier works (which I haven’t read so it obviously stands alone just fine). It documents the tangled relationship that develops between Violet and Martin. Tangled because Martin has just been dumped by Violet’s bestie, Elizabeth. Now Violet and Martin have loathed the sight of each other for many a year, butting heads at each and every opportunity. But something’s changed... Violet feels bad that Martin’s been left in the lurch even though she steadfastly believed he was all types of wrong for her friend. Keeping up? When Violet takes a bottle of Peach Schnapps to Martin as a peace/pity offering trouble starts a-brewing. They fight, as per the usual, and nasty things are said. In retaliation Violet 'Pulls a Mayberry' (And I hope to see much more of this eloquent act in books from now on. Go Girl!). 

But is all that simmering anger and bubbling angst passion in disguise? Has it always been? Violet dresses to be noticed and is loud and gregarious, not his type at all. Martin is... subdued. Staid. And maybe a little stuck-up in his posh designer suits. Which just makes his gargantuan fall for our heroine all the better. Ms Mayberry has written us a truly wonderful tale of opposites attract whilst paying due homage to the bond between our long time female friends.

Chains of Revenge and Her Best Worst Mistake are both first Self-Published outings for these two great Australian Women Romance Writers. I think it’s vitally important that writers have options when it comes to publishing. I also think e-publishing is a wondrous thing. If I had a little mind control widget I’d press the button and make you all go buy them and read them. Alas, technology isn’t keeping up with my need for World Wide domination so I’ll simply say, go buy these books, you won’t be disappointed.

If you haven't checked out the Australian Women Writers 2012 Challenge yet then you're silly. Go do it. And read their blog while you're there.

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