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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Lusting the Enemy with Mel Teshco

Happy day after release day for Australian Erotic Writer, Miss Mel Teshco and her book, ‘Lusting the Enemy’. I’ve read this racy erotic novella and it’s great. Steamy sex and smokin’ hot Kings from foreign desert type lands. Lots of mystical creatures and lovely world building. It’s currently on sale at Ellora’s Cave here. Mel's written a ton of books for Ellora's Cave and has a lovely, rich in description, writing style that still keeps up the pace. I think she's wonderful. Need some holiday reads? Go on, you know you do. Don't be shy. 

You can find out more about Mel Teshco on her website here

Akeisha is on a mission to be chosen as part of a harem for the desert king, Judas. She’ll use her body to entice and beguile, do anything it takes to save the near-extinct larakytes, her shape-shifting silver panther tribe, from Judas’ human subjects, who are trying to eradicate them.
She never expects to succumb to the wild ecstasy in his arms, a pleasure that threatens to expose her inner cat even as it transcends anything she’s ever felt from one of her own kind.
Falling in love with a human enemy was never part of the plan, but maybe there’s more to Judas than meets the eye.

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