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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Six Sentence Sunday...

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday. I was off at the Romance Writers of Australia conference on the Gold Coast last week but we’re back on track now. We’ll pick up on the arranged marriage in outer space with some sexy suspense thrown in for good measure right where we left off. Which was… Louise had just stepped off the shuttle to be met by a man who was apparently not the husband she was expecting. This man looks far less than pretty and smells like he’s recently been hosed off a barroom floor. Not the best of first impressions. (Don't you just love a hate at first sight??)

Thanks for stopping by and as always constructive comments are highly appreciated! Have a great week.

Something was very wrong here.
Something was very wrong and also, she was going to puke.
Bile burned the back of her throat and she sucked in long, slow breaths, trying not to gag. The landing had really riled her stomach and it wasn’t an easy win.
“You alright?” he asked in a voice as rough as the ground.
She nodded fervently, studied the top most tip of his right ear.


  1. Oh poor thing! This is definitely not going the way she hoped...

  2. ROLF! Motion sickness, disappointment, and B.O. are a potent and nauseating combination. Love where you're taking this, Kylie. Hurry up and finish so I can buy it!

  3. Love this. Not at all what she expects. One thought: "The landing had really riled her stomach and it wasn’t an easy win." Might be clearer if you change the AND to SO.

    Love the looking at his right ear.

    Looking forward to more.

  4. Those first two lines are awesome:)