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Monday, 20 August 2012

A look at Bitter Harvest by Kim Knox…

In the year 2050 civilization has taken a turn for the worse. Humans are an endangered species, on the verge of being wiped out by a nano-virus. Those left alive are either mutated or destined for an early grave. Sooner or later the ‘hives’ of mutated folk are going to reach them and spread the contagion through sex. Making their last stand in the Tower of London (how much do you love that??), a group of uninfected humans are running out of time. Robert Sutton, a burly, brawny soldier is committed to trying to save those few remaining but his options are dwindling. Nicholas Rider is brought in as a prisoner and has the markings of an infected—and yet, somehow, he’s not. Rider has apparently survived the virus but his sexy time needs remain on overdrive. Lieutenant Sutton is inexplicably drawn to the man despite his best efforts with all sorts of fiery desire surrounding the two from the get go. 

Will Rider infect Sutton or are the mutants drawing ever closer going wipe them all out first? 
Is Rider destined to betray Sutton or save him?
Will the Tower fall?
Gasp! Sigh!

Now we all know how I feel about infections and the end of the world. They're basically my favourite thing after white chocolate and I really do love white chocolate. And my kids and stuff. Bitter Harvest is a well-paced race against time novella that I really enjoyed. I don’t read a whole lot of male/male but this story was awesome escapism on the part of Ms Knox. I guess I usually like a woman to be in the middle to spice things up but Sutton and Rider are mighty hot to trot and the sexual tension between the two smolders. Rider’s smarty-pants mouth ways are a lot of fun and both of our heroes had my undivided attention. Plus the Tower of London! Coolness! I loved the idea of having humanity’s last stand happening there on the bank of the Thames smack bang in the middle of blighty. It was a brilliant setting on Ms Knox’s part. The blending of old and crazy-town, gritty, futuristic was a wonderful thing. So if you enjoy an end of the world, infected, zombie, mutant, hive-mind sort of story with a stunning setting and great characters, I guess this book is for you.

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