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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Shona Husk's "Lunar Exposure" - No Humans Required

Today, we've got Australian romance writer Shona Husk visiting to talk Sci-Fi Erotic Romance with us. Ooh, smexy times in space. I love it. Take it away, Shona...

I read SFR (sci-fi romance) and I’ve read erotic SFR and there are usually humans involved. I don’t have anything against humans in sci-fi. I grew up watching Star Trek, I love Doctor Who, Farscape and Battlestar Galactica…however when I decided to give SFR a go I made the decision to leave humans out of it.

Maybe we haven’t got there yet, maybe we’ve destroyed ourselves, or maybe when we find Decadent Moon it will be the remains of an ancient civilization where species from many planets mingled. I don’t know. But the freedom of not having to write anything human is wonderful. It’s like writing fantasy but with tech instead of magic, with aliens instead of elves or trolls. I get to create a galaxy and populate with different cultures and species.

I love world building.

I also get to think about what kind of species would evolve on a marshy planet, they’d totally have webbed fingers, and spots right?

What about a rocky planet—maybe something with horns because something like mountain goats evolved?

A water planet? Something octopus-like.

What about warfare and disease and language?

There’s an Allied Planetary Military, vaccinations (because if you’re smart enough to travel in space you are smart enough to be able to stop the worst viruses from hitching ride). For language I deliberated on some kind of magic translator tech, but then decided to go with a much simpler solution, Allied Abbreviated, a simple language that united the alliance and allows the military to function, but exists alongside all the other languages spoken in the galaxy.

I didn’t need a human on Decadent Moon. Instead we see it through the alien’s eyes. We aren’t shocked by the different species or the tech or anything else. It is just part of their world. For a short time we become alien and get to go exploring.

I had so much fun writing Lunar Exposure that I have gone back to the Moon and written a couple of other stories (currently with my editor). One might have involved tentacles for Kylie :)

Lunar Exposure

Bounty hunter Callen wants to capture Noga—a terrorist—both for the money and for revenge. But catching a criminal on the sensual resort of Decadent Moon without giving in to all the destination’s sexual pleasures is harder than it seems.

Haliday is the darling of the media, a socialite known as much for her casual relationships as she is for her charitable donations. No one knows she hunts down criminals.

Lust and ambition clash, and Callen and Haliday will have to find a way to work together, despite the distraction of their passionate bond. To succeed they must trust each other, something neither Callen nor Haliday is willing to do.

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