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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Another excerpt for Wednesday. Happy Hump Day!

She couldn’t stand it. “Say something.”
“Huh? What’s wrong?” Daniel bolted upright. “What do you want me to say?”
“Shit.” Ali crouched down at the end of the bedding, hung her head. What a spectacular mess. “Never mind. God, I’m such a head case.”
The man made a noise somewhere between disbelief and grand impatience. “Light of my life, come here, talk to me. What the hell have you been telling yourself for the past two hours, huh?”
She waved off the beckoning hand, settled her butt back onto her heels. Her own stupidity knocked her on her ass. “I’m sorry. Really, it doesn’t matter.”
The hand fell and he lay down, hands tucked back behind his head. “If it didn’t matter we wouldn’t be having this deeply confusing conversation. Now, tell me what I’m supposed to say.”
She didn’t answer. The words were a tangled festering knot inside her. Hanging her insecurities out to air would not help.
“I like you cranky,” he said. “I like you cuddly.”
“Are you trying to be Dr Seuss?”
“Only if you find his works sexually arousing.”
“No. Not really.”
“Probably for the best.”

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